Custom-Designed – Dentures anchored so securely they wont shift or slip

implants2Permanent – Replace Lost Teeth

implnats1Implants function just like your original teeth did. It’s like growing a new tooth!

Options if You Have Missing Teeth


  • Do you have one or more missing teeth?
  • Are you tired of your dentures slipping?
  • Are you frustrated with trapped food in your dentures?

If this sounds familiar, you have come to the right place.

Whether you just have one missing tooth or many, Dr. Colkmire can help you with a restoration that will get you back to the confidence and convenience that you deserve. Whether you’re eating, talking, or smiling, your teeth are an important part of your quality of life, and if you’ve lost even just one tooth, you know what a big adjustment it is. Why not adjust to a whole new normal that’s better than your current one?

Different patients have different needs, and we can explain all of the different options that are available to you.


Your original set of teeth worked so well because they had roots anchored securely in your jawbone. What if your replacement teeth could work the same way? With modern implant technology, they can! The implant is made up of two parts: a root and a crown. The root is made of titanium and it anchors in your jawbone. It also has a small post that emerges from your gumline. The crown will be custom-fitted to you, match the look of your other teeth, and bond permanently and firmly to the post.


This is a recent breakthrough that uses a few, well-placed implants to increase the strength and stability of your dentures.


If dentures are your best option, you don’t have to fear that they will be the same awful dentures that your grandma always fought with. Our technology anchors the denture plate so securely that it won’t slip, tilt, or wander. Dr. Colkmire’s designs will give you natural-looking teeth again.
Our goal is your mouth’s optimum health, comfort, and convenience. Get the smile you deserve–permanently!

If you have questions about dental implants or dentures, our dental team would be happy to help you. Give us a call at (941)782-9446.